What Makes Us Different

Discover the 3 things we do that makes us different from other photographers.


Get ALL Your Images!

Yep, you read that right! You get ALL your photos!
And you’re probably thinking, “what in the world, no one else does that, why would you?” Well the simple answer: it’s our job to take the photos… not determine which ones you find valuable!

See, we’ve had clients ask us for additional photos because someone special has just passed away and they want more visuals to help remember them by. They don't care if the photos are perfect - they just want something that reminds them of that person. 

After the requests began to multiply, I had to ask myself: “Who are to we choose what photos are important to our clients?" So we figured out a way to give you all the images at the same affordable price and the same exceptional quality. 

Here’s what that looks like for you… We delete the blurry pictures and our test shots then edit the remaining photos.  We create three categories within your gallery. First is the Highlights - these are hand selected and our favorite images from your wedding day, second is the Main Collection - these are the photos that tell the full story, and the rest go in the Duplicates & Others category.

You have access to view, download and print any and all of the images from your wedding day! It really is that simple to give you all your photos, even if no one else does.


We are GREAT Match Makers!

Ok so obviously you have already found your one true match… what I mean by this is we will match the two of you with the photographer best suited for your wedding day.

We do this with a comprehensive consultation to learn about the two of you and all the things you are dreaming up for your wedding day… this would include chatting about your desires and needs for the day in addition to some of the logistics.

The second factor comes from the initial questionnaire. This questionnaire includes things like preferred style of imagery - this could be a candid, traditional or even prompted interactive photos.

We also talk about wedding day pet peeves, and even some of the things you may be self conscious about.

As simple as it sound, knowing all those things really helps us to match you with the photographer who has a heightened sense for the things you find the most value in and will be mindful of the concerns you may have in order to create images that you will absolutely love! 


Image Style & Consistency!

When I talk about Image style, I am really talking about two different aspects of the images… one - is the TYPE of images your photographer aims to capture on wedding day and the second - is the style of post production or editing. 

As for the TYPE of images that we aim to capture. We start with a nice balance of candid, traditional and interactive photos. After the consultation and initial questionnaire is complete, we adjust our goals to accommodate your specific wedding day desires.

When it comes to post production (or the editing), there are so many styles of editing out there… OUR goal is to create a classic, timeless collection of images that are true-to-life… that means we want to produce images that emulate your actual skin tone, the true colors of the wedding day and images that are crisp and colorful.

The reason we do this is because everything else is simply a trend. And the reality is, is trends go away.

We take pride in creating classic, timeless images that stand the test of time!

Thank you!

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